Launched in the spring of 2010, Safe Watch’s sole purpose is to help people with their money. We recognise that there are two types of people in the world, one who has lots of time but no idea how to handle their money, and the other who knows where the right deals are but has no time. We offer a service that takes away the stress and confusion of mystery letters and bills by finding the best deals at the best possible prices. We not only save people money but also the time it takes to find the right offer!

With this structure in place it soon became apparent that we could help people handle their money in other ways. So we quickly offered our services in advising and dealing with the buying and selling of literally anything, from old cars to amazing holidays.

The work ethic of Safe Watch is based on three main principles: integrity, respect and hard work. Our mission is to ‘watch out’ for our members by keeping a ‘safe watch’ over their money, helping them in any area possible, and protecting them from scams to ensure their lives are free from financial stress and worry.

At Safe Watch it is part of our goal to bring back a friendly ‘one on one’ customer service that is so lacking in many UK businesses today. We want to be personal, affordable and effective and what’s more we offer a guarantee; if we don’t save people money then we don’t charge a fee.

Please see our ‘Services’ page for a full list of what we offer. To request more information click on our ‘Contact‘ page.