“A couple of thousand years dropped in the ocean of time will completely exhaust the coal fields of Europe, unless, in the meantime, the heat of the sun be employed.” – John Ericsson (1803-1889)

In 1838 Edmund Becquerel observed and published findings about the nature of materials to turn light into energy. They were considered interesting, but were not pursued. Nearly two hundred years later the attitude toward solar energy is much the same… or is it? For many there might be an indifferent dismissal of the whole scheme, but for better or worse the view of the UK’s rooftops are slowly changing. Peppered on many south facing streets, you will see shiny silicon panels decorated on high; two, three maybe even eight abreast!  The sight of them begs the question, is solar energy the way forward?  Everybody wants to save money, but is sticking several solar panels on the side of your house the answer?

Recently we spoke to a Safe Watch electrician who said that in the long run it’s cheaper for you to buy the panels themselves instead of renting your rooftop, that way you’ll be saving electricity all day round and will own the panels outright. He also said that the technology is getting better every month – new panels are being created all the time, panels that absorb more energy and generate more and more electricity. So if you’re not sure perhaps the best thing to do is wait, wait until solar energy really can save people lots of money by using renewable energy. Wait one more year and see – and in the meantime, if you want to save money the traditional way then get in touch with Safe Watch – we’ll make sure you’re on the best tariff for you and we’ll give you plenty of tips on how to save on other areas too. If however, you cannot wait, and you want solar panels now, then contact us and we’ll make sure you get the best deal at the cheapest price!

So to answer the question – will solar panels save me money? In short yes, even the free offers out there will save you some money. However, you have to remember that with these deals you only save the money during the day, when you use the least amount of electricity and you tie yourself into a 25 year contract too. At night (when the lights come on and everybody’s at home) the companies that put the panels on the roof get the rest. You’ll save more money in the long run by buying the panels themselves, because you’ll be entitled to all the electricity they generate. But think on this – the solar panel of today will be nowhere near as efficient as the solar panel of 2020 or even 2013 – so our advice is to wait and see, wait until the technology is worth the price.

So much more could be said on solar energy, but sometimes ‘less is better’ and so not to confuse you on all the little details we’re going to stop here and say this: if you need to save money or need advice on saving money on your utility bills or anything else then please contact us. We really do want to help! If however you want more information on solar panels and the free PV offers, then visit the energysavingtrust website.

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