If you’re a member of Safe Watch then your monthly outgoings and bills will have been greatly reduced already – but what about the everyday things we can’t save you money on? Here’s just ten simple ways that could help reduce your outgoings even more – and they don’t take up a lot of time, just discipline!!

1. Budget for each week – work out how much cash you have to spend each week, write it down and budget accordingly. First of all tally up all your direct debits for the month, then see how much you have left over. Now you can set a budget for food & petrol and stick to it – you’ll be amazed at how much you spend simply because there’s no limit in place for your essentials – you’ll buy buy buy without any realisation at all that 25% or more of what you acquire is not needed and will likely go to waste.

2. Make a shopping list – seriously do it. Before you go shopping check what you have and what you don’t have and write down what you need. It’s amazing how much food goes to waste because you over spend, buying stuff you already have or food you don’t really need. Another big thing is food that spoils quickly, don’t buy it unless you’re really going to use it. If you save just £10 a week by sticking to this that’s over £500 in a year!

3. Avoid takeaways and fast food stores – I know, we all love them, but let’s face it they make us fatter and poorer. Maybe treat yourself once a month, and instead organise yourself more. Even if it’s just a frozen kiev and chips. I know we’re all super busy, but if you go to the supermarket with a plan for every major meal you will save money. It doesn’t have to be gourmet every time, and you’ll find some meals last two days.

4. Waste less, spend less – You can use this principle for most things. You might have made more dinner than you thought – don’t chuck it, just freeze it – it can be another meal for another day. In addition, if you’re going to chuck something, see if it’s worth anything first – you never know, you might be able to flog it for a few bob!

5. Draw out cash – this works for some, and I know of one charity specialising in saving money who advocate this practice. Stop using the plastic. Draw out a set amount of cash you need for each week e.g. for food and petrol, and only spend that amount for the week. Don’t go waving around your debit card blind to how much you have…

6. Internet banking/mobile app – this is an essential! Sign up to internet banking and get a banking app on your mobile, so you know how much is in your account at all times. Check it daily – twice daily if you want to be super vigilant and keep both eyes on your balance and outgoings.

7. Never spend anything until you’ve checked your balance first – I always do this because sometimes I think I have more money in my account than I actually do. This way I can check my balance and see if I have the funds first. Remember also that sometimes it takes a few days for certain bills such as food, clothes etc. to go through on your debit/credit card, so factor that in before buying anything – not so with cash – it is out of your account instantly!

8. Have an emergency fund – Put a minimum of £10 away each week so that when something in your house goes wrong, or your car service costs more than you thought, you’ll have a little extra cash to relieve the stress and pressure of horrible big bills when things are tight.

9. Learn to say no – Bargains are awesome, but don’t get sucked in by every item in the sale. Three-for-two’s sound good but ask yourself, ‘do I really need it?’ You don’t have to say ‘yes’ to everything, even if it looks good on the surface.

10. Contact us! – If you’re buying anything, selling anything, renewing anything or need anything, then contact us and we’ll give you free advice and help you find the best deal at the right price. We can help you save money on gas & electric, home insurance, broadband, landline, car insurance, breakdown cover, television packages, mobile contracts, life insurance, pet insurance and much more. So don’t be shy, contact Safe Watch now and let us save you money!!



  1. Glad that I came across your blog, really good to read about ways in which money can be saved. Just love a good saving tip.