People may ask – can you really save money? Our answer is: YES. EVERY TIME. Think about what you have…gas & electric, home insurance, broadband, landline, calls, mobiles, TV, pet insurance – the list goes on!! We can save you money on all of these and more! It’s our job after all. Our aim is to reduce people’s outgoings and stop them from paying too much – we hate to see people ripped off. And yet time and time again we see it happen. People are too busy or too unfamiliar of how energy suppliers and business providers work. They’re out to make money, and a deal that was good twelve, or even six months ago isn’t necessarily a good deal now. So what can you do to avoid been ripped off??

Over the coming days I’ll be writing some blogs highlighting some issues and giving advice on how to keep your money safe…but right now I want to tell you about one company who has recently annoyed one of our clients. I don’t mind naming and shaming, and I’m sure that for some they are very agreeable – but I do it to highlight some key advice. The company in question happen to be the biggest energy company in the UK – British Gas.

Why is it that big companies think they are immune to the effects of bad customer service? Why is it they can’t just be honest? They can be so confusing and infuriating at times!!! I’m sure you’ve all experienced it before with one of the big companies – you’ve had a bad experience that leaves you with a bitter taste in your mouth. Which is where Safe Watch comes in.

If you don’t understand what they’re talking about, if they’re giving you wrong advice or selling an overpriced product, or just plain messing you about then ring Safe Watch. We look after our clients. Which means we deal with all their problems. We talk to the big horrible companies so you don’t have to.

This particular client was trying to leave British Gas and switch to another supplier – who offered us and therefore her, a much cheaper rate. British Gas quoted her a renewal which came nowhere near the price we had found. So we went ahead with the switch – even that was considerably harder than it should have been because the supplier we switched to made some silly mistakes. But when the switch was near complete our client got a call from British Gas saying they could offer her a better deal – a deal that beats the one she’s moving too. Sounds good. But in reality the deal was not good.

British Gas could not beat the price we found – they were trying to do everything to keep this client. Everything except offer a cheaper deal and be honest and clear with her.  They said they could beat our cheapest price and wrapped the sale up in fancy speech that included the sweetening sound of £100+ cash back. They highlighted what they could give, not what they could save. And here’s the warning people. DON’T AGREE TO ANYTHING OVER THE PHONE IF YOU’RE NOT 100% SURE OF WHAT THEY’RE OFFERING YOU. Energy suppliers can be very confusing, offering alluring deals and quoting unfamiliar figures – but they don’t have to be. Simply join Safe Watch and let us deal with your problems. We don’t just save people money, we’re here to help too!!

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